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Collection: Meline


From a small factory to a large reality, from a family business to a brand present in Italy and around the world, which strengthens its position more and more every day.

Almost a century of history and an ambitious look at the future.

Our shoes are designed for those who love mixing different styles and always feeling up to date with the latest trends.

This is the challenge of the third generation which has history firmly in its DNA.

We started from a modest laboratory in the heart of the most important footwear district in the world and now, thanks to love, passion and competence, we are a brand known at every latitude.

An increasingly cutting-edge company that anticipates trends in instant fashion.

Over the years we have strengthened, modified and structured ourselves while remaining faithful to MADE IN ITALY .

This is how Méliné, without ever giving up professional and environmental ethics, has conquered its place in fashion.

Méliné is play, ambition, the ability to dream of an ever-evolving world.

It's creating magical models and collections, it's growing, continuously transforming itself to best respond to the needs of new times.